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What is a disposable virus sampling tube?


What is a disposable virus sampling tube?

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have become more familiar with nucleic acid testing.

After nucleic acid collection, usually, the specimen cannot be immediately tested by PCR, and the swab samples collected from the specimen often need to be transported. The virus itself will disintegrate quickly in vitro, affecting subsequent testing. Therefore, during storage and transportation, the virus preservation solution needs to be added for preservation, which is a disposable virus sampling tube.


Virus sampling tube liquid, also known as virus preservation liquid, is non-toxic. It can denature the protein of clinical fresh virus specimens, make the virus inactive, prevent the secondary transmission of infection, and ensure the safety of transportation and testing personnel. Virus storage solutions in virus sampling tubes are usually divided into two types, namely, inactivated and non-inactivated:

 What is a disposable virus sampling tube?

1. Type of inactivation:


The color of inactivated preservation solution is usually red and white, a few manufacturers use purple. The inactivated storage solution is colored, usually to make it easier to see if the storage solution is leaking and to see the level when the storage solution is drawn after laboratory sampling.


The inactivated virus preservation solution is mainly a virus lysate preservation solution improved from nucleic acid extraction solution. The liquid contains a high concentration of lysis salt, which can quickly and efficiently lyse the viral protein in the sample to be tested, make it inactivated, and effectively prevent infection. It also contains an RNase enzyme inhibitor that protects the viral nucleic acid from degradation. As long as the viral nucleic acid can be detected, the subsequent RT-PCR test can make a diagnosis. It can be kept at room temperature for a long time.


2. Non-inactivated type:


Non-inactivated storage solutions are usually red in color. When the preservation solution deteriorates, its pH will change, and it is easy to identify whether the preservation solution is metamorphic. Non-inactivated virus preservation solution is mainly an improved virus maintenance solution based on the transport medium, which can protect the protein coat of the virus and the viral nucleic acid DNA or RNA so that the virus has a complete protein epitope and nucleic acid in vitro. The improper operation has a certain risk of infection. After sampling, it should be kept strictly at a low temperature for long-term storage.


Please note that


Disposable virus sampling tubes are used for in vitro diagnosis and are not intended for internal or external use in humans or animals. If swallowed, may cause a serious incident. This product is irritating to eyes and skin, if splashed into the eyes, rinse with water.


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