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Is the higher the accuracy grade of tapered roller bearings?

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Generally, the accuracy level is high. However, the higher the accuracy level, the higher the price, and economic efficiency must be considered, otherwise it is a waste.
Bearings accuracy grade and selection
1. The tolerance level of the bearing is mainly determined according to the rotation accuracy requirements of the shaft pair support.
Grade 0: It is widely used in general bearing series with rotation accuracy greater than 10μm. Such as the transmission mechanism of ordinary machine tools, feed mechanism, the transmission mechanism of automobiles, tractors, ordinary motors, water pumps and agricultural machinery and other general machinery rotating mechanisms.
6. Grade 5: In the precision bearing system with rotation accuracy of 5-10μm or higher speed, such as bearings used in ordinary lathes (5 grades for front support, 6 grades for rear support) more precise instruments, meters and precision instruments, Instrumentation, and precise rotating mechanism.
4. Level 2: In ultra-precision instruments with a rotation accuracy of less than 5μm or a high speed, such as precision coordinate boring machines, gear systems of precision grinders, precision instruments, meters, and high-speed cameras.
2. Accuracy grade code of the old code of Chinese bearings
The standards formulated by various countries are based on ISO standards, which are generally consistent with ISO, and some are strictly stricter than ISO standards.
The accuracy is divided into dimensional accuracy and rotation accuracy. Divided into level 0, level 6X, level 6, level 5, level 4, and level 2.
The previous code standards for Chinese bearings were: G-level (level 0), E-level (level 6), D-level (level 5), C-level (level 4), B-level (level 2). The current code generally adopts the German DIN standard.
P0 (level 0), P6 (level 6), P5 (level 5), P4 (level 4), P2 (level 2). Generally, the standard grade P0 is reflected in the bearing model, and only the P6 or above, the grade code appears in the bearing model.
For example: 6205 and 6205/P5. The accuracy level of 6205 is P0, which is just omitted. This gives people the impression that the P0 class is a non-precision class bearing.
In addition, bearings of various precisions are not only different in processing technology, but also in value. For example: the value of domestic HRB bearings, P6 precision bearings are 1.5 times that of P0, P5 precision bearings are 2 times that of P0, and P4 precision is 2.5 times that of P5.

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