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What is Alumina Nanoparticle used for

Lithium battery diaphragm finishing material:
High purity nano alumina is related to the favorable and also unfavorable diaphragm of lithium battery as a ceramic coating, which plays the duty of heat resistance, heat resistance and also insulation, so regarding stop the power battery from short circuit because of high temperature as well as diaphragm melting.

Additives for cathode materials of lithium batteries:
High pureness nano-alumina doped with lithium cobalt as well as lithium manganate can boost thermal stability, cycle performance and also overcharge resistance, inhibit the formation of oxygen and also the decay of LiPF6, avoid straight get in touch with in between LiCo02 as well as electrolyte, lower the loss of electrochemical particular capability, as well as enhance the electrochemical details capacity of LiCoO2.

Driver carrier:
High purity γ& gamma;-type nano-alumina is a permeable compound with an internal area of hundreds of square meters per gram, high activity and strong adsorption ability. It is a generally used adsorbent, stimulant and also stimulant carrier in oil refining and also petrochemical industry; it is a deacidizing representative for transformer oil and also wind turbine oil in market, as well as it is also used for chromatographic analysis; it is a neutral and also solid desiccant busy, its drying capability is no much less than that of phosphorus pentoxide, as well as it can be restored and recycled after heating below 175 ℃ for 6-8 hours.

Powder finish anti-caking:
In summer, nano-alumina can efficiently avoid powder layer caking. Nanometer light weight aluminum trioxide utilized in powder finishes can improve the fluffiness of powder finishes as well as have good anti-caking result. It has good storability for powder finishings made use of in heat as well as high humidity atmosphere.

Covering, rubber, plastic wear-resistant and also hardening agent:
Including 5-20% nano-alumina, the finishing can significantly boost the wear resistance as well as scrape resistance of the finish, which is 2-5 times higher than that of the typical layer. After nano-alumina is included in the paint, a really fine, consistent and also hard network structure can be formed on the paint surface, which shields the polymer paint layer from damage. the scrape resistance of nano-paint is 3 times more than that of the original paint. it is widely made use of in automobile paint and so forth. The addition of nano-aluminum trioxide can significantly enhance the hardness of the covering, as well as regarding 20% can reach 6-7H. The openness of the finish is not affected.

Plastic, rubber, adhesive, paint thermal conductivity:
Alumina single crystal thermal conductivity of 30, nanometer alumina, high thermal conductivity, large spherical dental filling. In order to enhance the compatibility of resin matrix and fillers, boost the thermal conductivity of matrix materials as well as not reduce its mechanical residential properties, surface therapy agents such as coupling representatives are commonly used to boost the thermal conductivity.

Nano alumina has high pureness, uniform fragment size as well as excellent diffusion. When around 10% alumina is added to the sintered ceramics, the forming pressure increases, which can reduce the variety of pores, therefore enhance the density of the ceramic blank, boost the thickness and also mechanical residential properties of the sintered alumina porcelains, as well as reduce the sintering temperature level more effectively.

Powder metallurgy:
Nano alumina for metallurgy has small fragment size, large certain surface as well as high task, adding 1-3% nano-alumina to avoid matrix densification and grain size, improve hardness, boost electric conductivity as well as mechanical buildings, as well as enhance melting factor and also heat resistance.

Sprucing up:
Alumina particles are uniform, have high sphericity, and also are precision polishing powder, is a good product for metallographic polishing, but likewise appropriate for stainless steel mirror sprucing up, titanium sprucing up, cast iron polishing, aluminum mirror sprucing up, rock mirror sprucing up, paint sprucing up, resin sprucing up, PCB circuit board polishing, glass polishing, optical glass, glasses lens polishing, material lens sprucing up, sapphire sprucing up, LED polishing, germanium polishing. Zinc sprucing up, rapid sprucing up, great brightness, no scrapes.

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