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How do ball bearings work, and what they are for?

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Ball bearings are some of the most commonly used bearings in rotary motion applications. They include one or more rows of balls between the inner and outer races. This design utilizes the concept that the friction produced by the rolling element is smaller than the friction produced by the sliding element. One ring is usually connected to a rotating assembly or shaft, and as the ring rotates, the balls roll around the inner raceway, while the other ring remains stationary. This allows rotational movement with a very low coefficient of friction and is very suitable for applications requiring high speed and low friction.
Bearings usually need to bear two types of loads: thrust load and radial load. Thrust loads (also called axial loads) are forces acting parallel to the bearing axis, while radial loads act perpendicular to the bearing axis. Ball bearings can withstand thrust and radial loads. Instead of sliding, the ball bearings allows the balls to running in the groove. This structure makes ball bearings runs faster with little frictions.

However, ball bearings load capacity is relatively low, so they are often used in applications with lower load requirements. The shape of the spherical roller causes the contact point between the ball and the raceway to be very small. This can move smoothly, but will reduce the load capacity. However, ball bearings can accommodate some misalignment of the inner and outer raceways.
If you would like to learn more about bearings, please refer to knowledge of bearings.
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