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Wheel hub bearing lubrication of vehicle grease

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Speaking of vehicle grease, the application of truck and passenger wheel hub bearings is a topic that cannot be avoided. But now, the trend is changing. Perhaps, in the near future, our No. 3 lithium base grease and No. 2 extreme pressure lithium complex will arrive. Time to exit the market.
The main lubrication part of the wheel hub is the wheel hub bearings. At present, it is mainly lubricated with grease. The wheel hub has undergone several generations of updates. The current mainstream trend is a long-life wheel hub system. Today, the wheel hub is composed of a variety of metal castings, bearings, and lubricants. The modular product.
Commercial wheel hubs can be subdivided into drive axle hubs, semi-trailer and trailer hubs according to their uses. According to the location, it can be divided into front axle hub and rear axle hub. There are currently two types of long-life wheel hub systems. One is the integrated bearing unit of the European system. The main technical feature is that the inner and outer bearings are the same model, the bearing spacing is narrow, and the tightening nut torque of the shaft head is larger after installation. This model is mainly lubricated with grease. There is also a wheel hub assembly type, mainly in the United States. The inner and outer bearings can be of different models, and the bearing spacing is relatively wide. They can be lubricated with grease, semi-fluid grease or oil.
The shrinking of the automotive after-sales grease market is not a new topic, it was a common talk 10 years ago. The last time it was in the passenger car industry. With the integration of the hub unit and the greatly improved grease life, the wheel bearings of passenger cars have basically a lifetime. Even if a car accident causes damage to the hub It is the replacement of the assembly. This part of the grease business is in the parts factory. At present, the main after-sales vehicle grease business of the grease company is mainly concentrated in the field of trucks, buses and construction machinery, and the hub bearing is the most important application part. 

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