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Popular science knowledge about hollow glass beads

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Overview of hollow glass beads
Hollow glass microsphere is a kind of new material with wide application and excellent performance which has been developed in recent years. The main component of this product is borosilicate, with a particle size of 10-250 microns and a wall thickness of 1-2 microns. The product has the advantages of a lightweight, low thermal conductivity, high strength and good chemical stability, after special treatment, with hydrophilic, hydrophobic properties, very easy to disperse in resin and other organic materials. Hollow glass microsphere, widely used in engineering plastics, insulation materials, rubber, buoyancy material, FRP, artificial marble, man-made agate, generation of composite materials such as wood, and the oil industry, aerospace, communications, 5 g new high-speed trains, cars, ships, in areas such as thermal insulation coatings, adhesives, give the new function material.
Hollow glass microspheres (hollow glass microspheres) are tiny, hollow spheres of powder. The particle size can be arbitrarily selected between 30-100 microns according to the need, and the density is 0.1-0.7g/ mL. It has the advantages of lightweight, large volume, low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, good dispersion, fluidity and stability. In addition, it also has excellent properties of insulation, self-lubrication, sound insulation, non-water absorption, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation protection, non-toxic and so on. This product can directly fill in most of these types of thermosetting and thermoplastic resin products, lessen the product weight, reduce cost, eliminate the internal stress of products to ensure dimensional stability, high pressure, impact resistance, high refractoriness, sound insulation, thermal insulation, insulation, and so on, and you can also ban some light diffusion agent, bronze powder, molybdenum oxide and white carbon black and other expensive filling material.
Hollow Glass MicroSphere is a specially processed glass microbead, which is mainly characterized by smaller density, poor thermal conductivity. It is a micron-level lightweight material developed by the past century and 1960s. Its main component is borosilicate. Generally, the particle size is 10 to 250 μm, the wall thickness is 1 ~ 2 μm; hollow glass micro and It has the characteristics of high compressive strength, high melting point, high resistivity, heat transfer coefficient and heat shrink coefficient, and is known as "spatial age materials" in the 21st century.
Hollow glass microbeads have a significant reduction in weight and sound insulation effects, which makes products with good shelter performance and rework performance. It is widely used in engineering plastics, anti-corrosion insulation materials, rubber, buoyancy materials, FRP, and artificial marble. Compound materials such as man-made agate, generations, and oil industry, aerospace, 5G communications, new high-speed trains, automotive ships, heat-insulating coatings, adhesives and other fields, and strong promotion of my country's science and technology cause development.

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