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Introduction of NSK sliding bearing types

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Those bearings whose shaft and bearing gap are in surface contact are called sliding bearings. Because it is in surface contact, it can withstand large external forces, has shock resistance, and has a simple structure and is widely used. For example: movable joints of different hands of excavator.
NSK sliding bearings can be divided into three types according to the force direction, namely:
The force direction of NSK radial sliding bearings is perpendicular to the central axis, and can be divided into three types according to the form:
(1) Integral bearing: Integral sliding bearing is a common integral radial sliding bearing, which is connected to the frame by bolts. The internal pressure of the bearing seat hole is equipped with an oil cup on the top of the bearing seat, an oil inlet hole is provided on the shaft sleeve, and the inner surface of the bearing shell is made of anti-friction material (or shaft sleeve) to open an axial oil groove to distribute lubrication oil. .
(2) Matching bearing: This kind of bearing is easy to install and disassemble, low in price, and widely used in machinery. For example, INA bearings on cranks of various internal combustion engines.
(3) Four-part bearings: also called four-part bearings, used in large vehicles, for example, spindle bearings such as impact generators and vibrators.
The materials of sliding bearings are mainly cast iron and cast steel. Because of the hard texture, it is easy to wear the journal, so a bush is usually added between the shaft and the bearing. The main materials of this casing are bronze, white alloy and babbitt alloy.
In addition to supporting the rotation of the parts, the load of the sliding thrust bearing is also parallel to the axial direction and can prevent movement in the axial direction. Can be divided into four types:
(1) Thrust ring bearings are divided into:
Single-ring thrust bearing: can bear axial thrust in two directions.
Multi-ring thrust bearing: This kind of shaft can bear bidirectional, high-speed and heavy-load axial thrust.
(2) Layer bearing
Also called pivot bearing, it is a sliding thrust bearing mounted on the shaft end, so it is also called a base column thrust bearing.
(3) Hydrodynamic thrust bearing
The friction surface between the shaft and the bearing is made into an inclined surface or a tiltable block. A dynamic pressure oil film is formed on each inclined surface or inclined block to prevent the shaft from contacting the bearing.
(4) Hydrostatic bearing
When the bearing unit load is too large, it is impossible to form an oil film from the static state, so hydrostatic bearings must be used. Fluid (oil) is transferred between the two parts under the pressure of the pump to maintain lubrication during operation. Since the fluid is supplied from the outside, it is also called an external pressure bearing. If the oil pressure of the pump becomes air pressure, it is called a static pressure air bearing.
3. NSK special sliding bearings
(1) Porous bearing: also known as oil-immersed bearing, it is made by powder metallurgy cracking method. Usually suitable for light load radial bearings.
(2) Oil-free bearings: With excellent wear resistance, they are suitable for food processing machinery with light load and no pollution.

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