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View: built in functional nanoparticles for imaging guided cancer therapy

wallpapers News 2020-07-21

imaging-guided cancer therapy (IGCT) can provide diagnosis information has curative effect. Therefore IGCT is rapidly becoming a powerful example of accurate cancer diagnosis treatment. However IGCT relies on advanced diagnostic therapeutic agents mainly made of nano materials. Traditionally this kind of diagnostic agent is constructed by integrating different functional units which will unnecessarily increase the size of multi-functional agents inevitably lead to the decomposition of functional units in the body resulting in wrong diagnosis adverse treatment effect.

recently Professor Gao Mingyuan's team from the Institute of chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences published a review article on imaging guided cancer treatment with built-in functional nanoparticles in the open access journal view of diagnostics.

in this review the authors emphasize the progress of biomedical applications of built-in functional nanomaterials which have potential applications in cancer diagnosis treatment. This review focuses on materials that can convert near infrared (NIR) light into thermal energy or free radicals because of the significant prospect of phototherapy in high-precision cancer treatment. In addition phototherapy can be combined with photoacoustic imaging to achieve imaging guided treatment. In this paper the interaction between NIR nanomaterials is summarized the improvement of near-infrared light utilization through different mechanisms is discussed so as to improve the imaging sensitivity therapeutic effect by different methods. Through in vivo tumor labeling treatment cases this review highlights the opportunities benefits of nanoprobes in the diagnosis treatment of IGCT. The current challenges future prospects of NIR mediated cancer agents in basic research clinical transformation research are also discussed.

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