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Small: Research Progress of carbon dots in energy conversion (from optoelectronic devices to electrocatalysis)

wallpapers News 2020-12-16

with the massive consumption of fossil fuels the consequent problems of energy shortage environmental pollution greenhouse effect the development of green sustainable energy based on energy conversion technology has gradually become a common theme of global social development. Carbon nanomaterials such as graphite diamond carbon nanotubes graphene carbon dots (CDS) have good stability high strength large specific surface area abundant sources which bring great changes to materials science energy conversion technology. Compared with other carbon based nanomaterials such as graphite carbon nanotubes graphene CDs shows unique advantages including tunable photoluminescence a variety of raw material sources preparation methods abundant surface (edge) sites excellent electron donor acceptor properties low cost simple mild preparation process. More importantly unlike 2D graphene CDs is a kind of zero dimensional b gap carbon material less than 10 nm which has strong absorption ability in a wide wavelength range bright easily adjustable photoluminescence. In addition CDs also showed good conductivity similar to graphene. CDS can be divided into carbon quantum dots (CQDS) graphene quantum dots (gqds) carbonized polymer quantum dots (CPDS). Due to its unique structure excellent optical electrical properties carbon dots have attracted extensive interest in energy conversion applications.

Strong absorption up-down conversion photoluminescence electron donor acceptor properties good electronic conductivity of

make CDs have great application potential in optoelectronic devices: as electron acceptor light absorption enhancer of light absorption materials in solar cells as interface modifier to enhance charge extraction transmission; bright photoluminescence easy to adjust luminescence color good performance Good electronic conductivity makes CDs have a broad application prospect in high performance light emitting diodes (LEDs). In addition abundant easy to control structural defects excellent electron transfer transport capabilities provide unique advantages for Electrocatalysis applications. CDS can play the following roles in electrocatalysis: 1) large specific surface area can provide rich binding sites close interface contact for the adsorption dissociation interface reaction of intermediate species; 2) rich surface (edge) sites can be used for the regulation CDS can be used as a carrier to improve charge transfer (transport) catalyst stability even reduce the loading of precious metals. 4) It is reported that CDS can also be used as templates or redox agents to regulate the morphology composition of catalysts.

this review introduces the morphology chemical structure physicochemical properties of CDs describes various top-down bottom-up preparation methods of CDs focuses on the application progress of CDs based materials in photoelectric devices (light-emitting diodes solar cells) electrocatalytic energy conversion. The related electrocatalytic reactions involve hydrogen evolution reaction (her) oxygen evolution reaction (OER) oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) carbon dioxide reduction reaction (co2rr) etc. From the point of view of the structure properties of carbon dots the mechanism of CDs enhancing the performance of related energy conversion applications is expounded in detail. Finally some challenges future prospects of energy conversion based on CDs are discussed. The authors of

believe that this review will enhance the cognitive level of researchers on the synthesis properties energy conversion applications of carbon dots provide new ideas for the further development of carbon nanomaterials in the field of energy conversion.

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