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Bearing advantages and lubrication knowledge

wallpapers News 2021-01-19
There are many types of rolling bearings. In order to facilitate selection, the national standard stipulates that the rolling bearing shall be represented by a code. The code can indicate the structure, size, tolerance level, and technical performance of the rolling bearing. The rolling bearing code is composed of letters and numbers. The complete code includes three parts: pre-code, basic code, and postcode. The front code indicates the sub-component of the bearing. The basic code indicates the main features, such as the type and size of the bearing. The postcode indicates the accuracy of the bearing and the characteristics of the material.
Advantages of rolling bearings
Although rolling bearings have many types and varieties and have their own fixed characteristics, they have some common advantages compared with sliding bearings. First, the starting friction coefficient is small, the power consumption is small, the mechanical efficiency is high, and it is easy to start. Second, the international standards and specifications are unified, easy to obtain, interchangeable, easy to install and disassemble, and easy to maintain. Third, it is convenient to lubricate and consumes less lubricant. Fourth, it can be conveniently used in high or low-temperature conditions. Fifth, the rigidity of the bearing can be improved by applying preload.
The purpose of lubrication
The purpose of lubrication of rolling bearings is to reduce internal friction and wear of the bearing and prevent burning. Its lubricating effect is as follows. The first is to reduce friction and wear. In the contact part of the ring, rolling element, and cage that constitutes the bearing, metal contact is prevented, and friction and wear are reduced—the second-longest fatigue life. The rolling fatigue life of the bearing is prolonged when the rolling contact surface is well lubricated during rotation; on the contrary, the oil viscosity is low, and the lubricating oil film thickness is not good, then it is shortened—the third discharges friction, heat, and cooling. The circulating oil method can use oil to remove heat generated by friction or heat transferred from the outside and cool. Prevent the bearing from overheating and prevent the lubricant from aging. Fourth other. It also has the effect of preventing foreign matter from intruding into the bearing or preventing rust and corrosion. Pay special attention to the amount when lubricating, whether it is oil lubrication or grease lubrication, too little lubrication and insufficient lubrication will affect the life of the bearing; too much will produce large resistance and affect the speed.

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