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Advanced science: ultra small bioi quantum dots for effective renal clearance to enhance tumor radiotherapy

wallpapers News 2020-12-12

has attracted more more attention because of its strong X-ray attenuation ability. However in the pursuit of high efficiency the biosafety of nano radiosensitizers is also an important concern. The long-term retention of most nano radiosensitizers in organisms will cause potential toxicity which limits their further application. Therefore it is one of the methods to rapidly metabolize radiosensitizers from the body to develop nano materials with ultra-small size high efficiency of renal clearance. In addition to reducing the long-term accumulation of nano materials in the body through effective renal metabolism ultra-small nano materials also have stronger tumor permeability achieve more uniform distribution of radiosensitizers in solid tumors. In addition the potential influence of the injection mode of nano radiosensitizer on the biodistribution therapeutic effect of radiosensitizer is another important but neglected problem.

recently Gu Zhanjun research group of Institute of high energy physics Chinese Academy of Sciences designed synthesized ultra-small bismuth oxyiodide (bioi) quantum dots as radiosensitizers evaluated the two common ways of administration intratumoral injection intravenous injection. Biodistribution experiment results show that bioi QDs are mainly metabolized through the kidney after two injection methods while the content of bioi QDs in liver spleen is low which indicates that bioi QDs can be quickly removed from the body through the kidney. The content in tumor site showed that there was significant difference between the two injection methods. The content of materials in tumor after intratumoral injection was much higher than that in intravenous injection group which indicated that intratumoral injection could maximize the content of radiosensitizer in tumor avoid accumulation in normal tissues thus enhancing the radiosensitization effect of tumor reducing the toxicity side effects. In addition it is worth mentioning that in the intratumoral injection group the effect of X-ray on the content of materials in tumor was studied. The results show that X-ray irradiation can significantly accelerate the metabolic clearance of nanomaterials which may be due to the effective sensitization of radiosensitizer under X-ray irradiation which seriously damages the tumor stroma accelerates the clearance of radiosensitizer. This strategy can improve the intratumoral aggregation therapeutic effect of radiosensitizer by intratumoral injection realize the rapid effective removal of nano radiosensitizer after radiotherapy which provides a new idea for the development of more effective safer radiosensitizer. Therefore the combination of ultra-small size radiosensitizer local intratumoral injection can improve the safety effectiveness of nano material mediated radiotherapy open up a new way to promote the clinical transformation of nano radiosensitizer. Relevant research results are published in advanced science

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