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Advanced healthcare materials: a new way -- new oral radioprotective nanodrugs for the protection and treatment of radiation-induced intestinal injury

wallpapers News 2020-08-04
With the rapid development wide application of nuclear industry technology

the importance of nuclear safety has become increasingly prominent. How to effectively prevent acute radiation damage has become an important research content in the field of nuclear emergency. Radiotherapy is one of the most widely used methods of cancer treatment. About 70% of cancer patients need to receive radiotherapy in the process of treatment. Ionizing radiation not only selectively kills cancer cells but also inevitably damages rapidly renewed stem cells. Small intestine is the most vulnerable organ to radiation damage in abdomen. After being exposed to ionizing radiation the symptoms of radiation-induced intestinal damage such as vomiting diarrhea bloody stool electrolyte imbalance dehydration will appear which reduces the radiation dose tolerance of patients seriously affects the quality of life of tumor patients. However there is no effective protective drug in clinic so far. Traditional radiation protection agents are mainly distributed in the whole body through injection or oral administration. Because injection drugs are difficult to accumulate in the small intestine oral drugs are easy to be cleared by digestive juice after entering the intestinal cavity it is difficult to stay in the small intestine.

the team of Professor Hua Daoben State Key Laboratory of radiation medicine radiation protection Soochow University proposed a new concept of delivering radiation protection nanodrugs to small intestinal crypt stem cells by oral administration. The pyrolytic inhibitor was encapsulated in arginine modified chitosan based nanocarriers to form the core of nanodrug the surface was modified with polydopamine. Due to its good adhesion acid resistance biocompatibility on various substrates nanodrugs have been widely studied in the field of medicine which make them have good gastric acid tolerance waterproof adhesion in small intestine. Regulating the particle size surface potential of nanodrugs can make them penetrate the intestinal epithelial mucus barrier adhere to the stem cells at the bottom of crypt to play the role of radiation protection. The nano drug can be orally delivered to the small intestinal crypt stem cells with strong radiosensitivity which can increase the drug concentration in the crypt prolong the drug action time so as to enhance the radiation protection effect. Organ like culture animal experiments confirmed the biological safety good radiation protection effect of nano drugs. The researchers of

believe that this study will open up a new way to effectively alleviate radiation-induced gastrointestinal syndrome provide a new solution for efficient accurate protection of radiation-induced intestinal injury in nuclear emergency radiation diagnosis treatment. The proposed concept also provides a reference scheme for improving the therapeutic effect of other gastrointestinal diseases reducing the toxic side effects of drugs. This work has been supported by the major natural science research project of Jiangsu Province (16kja310001) National Natural Science Foundation of China (u1867206) collaborative innovation center of radiation medicine in Jiangsu Universities State Key Laboratory of radiation medicine radiation protection of Suzhou University. It has obtained the patent authorization of China (zl201910550078.3)

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