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Advanced energy materials: rational design of nano catalyst for electrochemical CO2 reduction

wallpapers News 2020-08-06

use renewable energy to convert CO2 into valuable carbonaceous fuels chemicals through electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction reaction which is considered as a large-scale strategy with considerable environmental economic benefits. At present one of the challenges in this field is to develop nano catalysts with excellent electrocatalytic activity selectivity for target products. For typical transition metal based electrodes there are intrinsic kinetic limitations due to the linear correlation between the adsorption energies of various reaction intermediates. Therefore the selectivity overpotential of single metal multi metal alloy electrodes for carbon dioxide reduction are still low. The nonmetallic species have unique electronic structures which are composed of S p orbitals. The modification of nano catalysts with non-metallic species is of great significance for the construction of unique active centers overcoming the kinetic limitation of carbon dioxide reduction. Hou Jungang Professor of

from sun Licheng academician team of Dalian University of technology reviewed the research progress of non-metallic species modification of nano catalysts for electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction in recent years.

firstly the basic parameters of activity evaluation were briefly introduced. Then with the help of theoretical simulation experiment the basic principle of carbon dioxide electrochemistry the complex multi electron transfer steps are introduced in detail which provides a profound insight for the analysis of reaction mechanism the rational design of efficient electrocatalyst. After that the author focuses on the regulatory strategies based on nonmetallic species including heteroatom introduction organic molecular modification electrolyte engineering monatomic engineering. Among them the introduction of heteroatoms monatomic engineering can realize the construction of unique active sites of highly oxidized metal cations. In addition nonmetallic species can also be used as active sites to directly participate in the adsorption activation of reaction intermediates such as chalcogenides halogens ionic liquids organic molecules. However for the non-metallic species which can not exist stably in the electroreduction condition its removal can achieve the formation of defect ladder high active sites or nanostructure roughening of materials. In a word the non-metallic species modification of nano metal catalysts leads to the construction of unique active sites the breaking of kinetic restrictions thus realizing the selective preparation of high-value products the breakthrough of energy conversion efficiency. For example under the low over potential condition of 340mv the co selectivity of high oxidation state monoatomic iron (Fe3 - N-C) is 95% the current density is as high as 94 macm-2. The pyridine modified copper can produce ethylene with high selectivity (72% high Faraday efficiency). In the end the author makes a summary puts forward the prospects challenges in the future. On the one h researchers should fully consider the influence of liquid environment on the model electrochemical process in theoretical calculation combine with in-situ characterization technology which is sensitive to surface perturbation to achieve in-depth analysis of the real reaction process. On the other h researchers should initially build a reasonable electrolysis device model to achieve long-term stable operation under the condition of high current density so as to promote the process of industrial application of electrocatalytic carbon dioxide conversion. A three-phase electrochemical cell with low solid-liquid flow loss can be designed. Therefore this work further promotes the mechanism of electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction the practical application of green carbon cycle.

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