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How to remove ball bearings?

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Ball bearings are very common in our daily life, you can see them in your bike, skate board, motorbike, washing machine or any other places. On some occasions, you may need to remove them, here comes some tips on how to remove ball bearings.
Ball bearings are bearings with little balls inside, before you try to remove them, please watch carefully. You may have many ways to remove ball bearings, but you need to pay attention to the following factors. The first is you should always try and handle with care. You should handle them gently to prevent damage or injury. In general, there are two kinds of ball bearing structures.
An unobstructed ball bearing is fully accessible from behind, making it the easiest type to remove. Using a drift punch or flat-ended dowel of larger diameter than the inner race, gently push the bearing out from behind. A tapered tool inserted into the inner race from behind also works well. Don’t hack at the bearing, pry it out or hammer on it; just push.Easy.
A bearing that is partially obstructed is accessible from behind, but only through a small hole. This is often the case when two bearings are inserted back to back, such as in a steering knuckle. You can only get to the back of one bearing through the inner race of the other, so using an oversize or tapered tool won’t work. Use a piece of a parts tree or chopstick that will fit through the obstruction to reach the back of your bearing, and carefully start pushing it out on one side and then the other. Watch out for the shielding; focus your pressure on the edges of the inner race. You want to “rock” the bearing back and forth as you push it out, never allowing it to twist too far inside its mount. Take your time, go slowly, and be patient.
From the above, you may know how to remove ball bearings. You may also read more about ball bearings from the knowledge of ball bearings.
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