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Main Application of Spherical Silica Powder

wallpapers Industry 2020-11-05
Spherical silicon powder is mainly used for large-scale integrated circuit packaging. It is also used in high-tech fields such as aviation, aerospace, fine chemicals, rewritable discs, large-area electronic substrates, unique ceramics, and daily cosmetics. It is used in epoxy resin systems. As a filler, it can save a lot of epoxy resin.
Spherical silicon micro-powder is mainly used for the packaging of large-scale and very large-scale integrated circuits. According to the integration level (the number of standard components per integrated circuit) to determine whether the spherical silicon micro-powder is spherical or not when the integration level is 1M to 4M, the spherical silicon powder has been partially used Powder, from 8M to 16M, all spherical Powder has been used. At the level of 250M, the line width of the integrated circuit is 0.25μm. At the level of 1G, the integrated circuit's line width has been as small as 0.18μm.
The CPU chip of the computer PIV processor has reached this level. At this time, the spherical Powder used is more high-grade, mainly used polysilicon scraps to make ethyl orthosilicate and silicon tetrachloride to hydrolyze to obtain SiO2, and also made into a spherical shape with a particle size of -(10-20) μm adjustable. The chemically synthesized spherical silicon powder is ten times more expensive than the spherical Powder made of natural quartz raw materials. The reason is that this Powder is free of radioactive alpha radiation pollution and can achieve a uranium content of less than 0.02PPb.
When the concentration is enormous, because the wire spacing between the VLSI circuits is minimal, and the packaging material has massive radioactivity, source errors will occur when the integrated circuits work, which will affect the reliability of the VLSI circuits. Therefore, radioactivity must be proposed—strict requirements. The natural quartz raw material reaches (0.2~0.4) PPb is an excellent raw material. The spherical Powder used in China is mainly spherical Powder made of natural raw materials, and it is also imported Powder.

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